Thursday, May 31, 2012

Brittany or Who Doesn't love Cows?

 We set out the other morning in brilliant sunshine and headed for Jugon-les-Lacs.  The town sits on the shores of a 2-mile long lake.  Charming.
We carried on toward the coast and while it continued to be gorgeous (even the highways are stunning as you can see) we did notice a bit of fog starting to creep onto the landscape.
 We stopped briefly to buy goat cheese, produced by these little beauties.  It was fun to buy the cheese directly from the people who made it.
 And then we made our way to Cap Frehel.  This is apparently one of the largest headlands in Europe and is covered with 4 square kilometres of wild grasslands.  And apparently there are pink sandstone cliffs which plunge 70 metres (230 feet!!) to the sea.  Well, I say 'apparently' because nothing was apparent.  There was fog everywhere.   Just as well.  The 70 metre drop might have been a bit dizzy-making.
On the left, in the photo above you can see the 17th century lighthouse, Tour Vauban, standing alongside the newer version.  That much we could see!!
 A little further along the road the fog was clearing up and these boats were just awaiting the incoming tide.  I was awaiting the outgoing fog.
On we went, to Saint Malo.  It was still a bit foggy so we had a coffee and poked about some of the many, many shops there. It's a real tourist destination.  This street however was quite quiet.  It is Rue Chateaubriand.  Saint Malo is important for Canadians because it is from this port that Jacques Cartier sailed to Canada (well, I guess he didn't really know that's where he was going) but he put up a cross in Gaspe and called it French.  Done!!
 This is just inside the ramparts of Saint Malo.  During the Second World War Saint Malo suffered terrible damage and the ramparts were nearly all that remained before reconstruction.
 Still in the fog, this is a shot of Dinard.  Dinard sits on the west side of the mouth of the River Rance and Saint Malo on the east.  Dinan, the little town that is about 10 minutes away from our gite, is an inland port on the River Rance. Dinard and Saint Malo sit at the mouth of the river where it empties out into the Manche, the English Channel.
The next morning, we walked the 15 minutes or so from the gite into Saint-Juvat.  The countryside here is so very beautiful.  Everywhere.
We had a coffee and, all right, I confess, a freshly baked croissant.  Sigh.  It's all too perfect.  Except I find the water is rather hard here and it's making my clothes shrink.  It's the strangest thing......
 On the way there were these lovelies.  So, so sweet.
We continue to have The Very Best Time.
more later......

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  1. Susan Purney MarkJune 1, 2012 at 4:39 AM

    Oh Marny, it's all so idyllic and romantic, too bad about the hard water. I'm finding the same in Halifax.......