Sunday, May 27, 2012

Segonzac to Tours, doors and grapes

This is the view from our window at our b and b in Segonzac, the one I mentioned in my last post.  We spent three nights here and on two of those nights we supped with our hostess, delicious meals!!! yummm!  (Sadly, our host had lost his father not too long ago and was away in Ireland at the time of our visit.)  Theresa, our hostess, was originally from England but had lived in Vancouver for about 30 years.  We had a lot of fun getting to know her (she is a sweet and bubbly person) and she was an encyclopedia of knowledge about the Charente region of France where we were staying.  For instance, the grapes that are used in the distillation process of the cognac in fact come from the Segonzac area but since it is all collected and sent to Cognac that is the name that 'took'.  Some of the big distillers in the region are Hennessey, Remy Martin and Napoleon.  On the actual site of our bed and breakfast, the ancient distillery itself, we saw vats and other equipment formerly used in the distillation process.  Very interesting.  
 We spent a day on the coast at a small town called Brouage.  Samuel de Champlain , who founded Quebec in 1608, was born here.  This is a picture of the ramparts of Broauge, taken through an opening in the ramparts!!
 We spent another day walking around Cognac.  We went into an area that must formerly have been attached to the church Saint Leger but that is now part of the town's library.  This is a door in the court yard in front of the library.
This shot is taken standing with my back to the picture above and looking right.  Another door within a door....hmmm, I seem to be on a roll here!  It's too bad about the nose of that car, but I didn't think it would be appropriate to go and try to push it out of the way.  I was tempted, however.  Still, I'll try and push it out of the way in photoshop!!!
 This picture is taken just to the left of the picture of the courtyard above. I love the colour of the bricks. Every region seems to have its own special colour depending on what is available at the local quarry store!!
 We went for a long walk one afternoon in the vineyards behind the property of the bed and breakfast in Segonzac.  All of this property belonged to the estate of the original distiller but the property was divided up and sold in about 2000, when no one was left that was interested in continuing with the family business, and it was at that time that our host and hostess bought site and turned it, after much work, into the b and b.
 Further along on our walk we came across a small farm holding and I was absolutely smitten by the line of trees on the left hand side of the picture.  This is one of about 15+ shots that I took of those trees. (My guy too is a picture... of patience!!!)  I like the trees but if I were to do anything further with this one I would take out the stakes in the front of the picture.  Still, gotta love those trees!!!
And finally (are you still with me???) here is my journal page for the one-week trip from Aix to Tours, going through Carcassonne to Rions and at last to Segonzac.  It was fun.
So that was the week before last.  Tomorrow I think I'll get out my paints again and do some playing.  And I still have to show you some of what we did in Tours!!!
Back soon.....

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  1. here's the website for this bed and breakfast:

    it really was a delightful stay, I recommend it totally!