Monday, May 28, 2012

1200 chateaux

Yes, there are over 1200 chateaux in this region, and fortunately for you, we didn't see them all!!! So you won't either just here! Phew!!  These first two shots were taken at the Chateau Sache that Balzac used as  country home.  There is also a Musee Balzac here.  Alas, the rain started just as we arrived and settled in for the day.
 As usual, I was more taken with the outside and the view so here is a part of the stone wall.  The chateau is off to the left of this photo.
 And totally out of order, these next two shots are from the gite that we were staying at (more later). The first pic is taken just outside the front door, turning right and looking out of the courtyard into the fields behind the gite.
 To take this shot I simply turned my head the other way and took these roses climbing up the wall to the left of our door.  Sigh.
 OK, back to the chateaux.  The first day we went exploring it was pouring, as I mentioned, which wasn't too bad, except that my guy's umbrella broke. So I guess that basically it was all right for just me, but I was willing to share.
This is the medieval chateau in the city of Chinon.  There is a lovely little 'basse ville' just below the castle walls and the streets are ever so narrow.  We looked into one courtyard, I think it's now a hotel, and there was a beautiful staircase that I just had to capture.

 This final shot was taken on the river just in front of the old town, looking out at the bridge that takes one to the newer part of the city.  Rain notwithstanding, it was a lovely day.
I'll post some pictures from our sunny chateaux day next time.  Back soon.

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