Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Visiting Aix

 This afternoon we spent in Aix, just sort of wandering around.  We stopped on the Cours Mirabeau for a coffee.
 This is one of two fountains in the middle of the street, the Cours Mirabeau.  One of the fountains, I think it's this one, is fed by a thermal spring and is called La Fontaine d'eau chaude. They are slowly being covered with moss.
 This was my first glimpse of the Cathedrale Saint-Sauveur.  It was built over a number of different centuries and exhibits various different architectural styles representing those times.  Apparently there is a 12th century nave, chapels from the 14th and 15th centuries and a sarcaphagus in the apse from the 5th century. We walked up closer and I took the next two shots.

 These wooden doors were sculpted in the 16th century.  All pretty amazing.  It's a lovely city to wander around in.  Lots of quaint little streets, why, some of them even have a boulangerie!
This shot is from the drive home, along a lovely sun-dappled road (you can even see the gps guiding us along!)  It is on the Chemin des Pinchinats, the name of the area in which our gite is located.  Tomorrow we are driving to Gorges and Apt up into the Luberon.  I'll be back!!

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