Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rions, quelle belle petite ville!!

 We are in la Gironde, a large triangle of France between the Garonne and the Dordogne rivers, known as l'Entre-deux-Mers.  The wines of Bordeaux come from this region.  And we are in the small village of Rions.   A Tourisme Gironde travel guide says 'this fortified village is one of the best preserved mediaeval villages in Gironde.  A fine 15th century entrance and 16th century merchants' house.'
These first two pictures are taken on first one side of the village, looking towards the Garonne and the second is looking east.  It is about a 5 minute walk from one side to the other at this point!!
 The shot above was taken leaning over the stone wall looking up into some vineyards.
 I couldn't resist a picture of this beautiful door and here is just a portion of it, but I thought it was just magical.
 This 7th century church is right next to our bed and breakfast.  It chimes every hour and last night, after chiming about 36 o'clock it stopped for the night.  My watch said it was 9 o'clock, but what do I know!!??
 This ivy-covered wall was on our walk down to the river.  Old, crumbling, covered with beauty.
 The Garonne, with a lovely home (chateau?) in the background.
This field was also on our walk down the river. A little further on, a tractor was mowing the grass in the vineyard as we continued back up into town (you can see it in the first picture in this post).  There was the beautiful smell of freshly mown grass and the occasional scent of wild onion, a gentle warm breeze and a few tiny raindrops, just for show, that came to nothing.
 This is at the base of the wall from which I took the very first picture above.  In fact, there is a picture everywhere one looks.
This is the church again, taken a few steps away from where I took the picture above. See what I mean???  The beauty is almost overwhelming.
So, a very quiet day today.  We are very close to Bordeaux but we are more attracted to the idea of a day of rest.
I will provide a link to this chambres d'hotes at the bottom of this post. We are in the room in the tower!!!
Still pinching myself!!!

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