Sunday, May 6, 2012

Avignon to Aix

Our last night in Avignon was punctuated by a HUGE thunder and lightning storm with heavy, heavy rain.  The first picture is of the back of one of the blue chairs on the balcony the morning after, still hung with rain drops.
We packed up and left around 9 in the morning and drove to Arles.  The next two shots are of rooftops and shutters in the town hall square.  (I can't get enough of them!  Sorry, are you getting bored?)  We walked further on to the arena where we stopped and had a coffee then we bought some cheese and a baguette in the market for our lunchtime picnic and carried on our way.  The fifth shot is of a field of wind turbines, like the ones that are sprinkled all over California.  These monsters are huge and remind me of something that John Wyndham (I forget how to spell his name, sorry) might have written about ....maybe The Turbine Wakes???
The sixth and seventh pictures were taken on a walk we took after we had arrived at out gite in Aix. Such a beautiful cloud rising on the horizon, don't you think?  And the final picture is of the Chemin de la Fontaine des Tuileries (the road the gite is on).  Apparently, this used to be a large tile-making area and the red soil around here gave its colour to the tiles.  The actual tuilerie (where they made the tiles) is just up the road but has fallen somewhat into ruins now.
So that's it for now. We'll do some exploring in the next while, and I'll be back.....still having such fun!!
Bye for now...    

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  1. I really appreciate your pictures and narratives. They are wonderful. How are you gites? I would love to see pictures of where you are staying. Thanks so much for letting us share your dream trip.