Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A rainy day in Rouen

We spent a rainy morning exploring the old town of Rouen.  It wasn't especially cold, it is June after all, but it sure was wet.  We even bought new umbrellas!!!
 An old clock tower under which one passes to enter part of the old town.

 Alas, so many umbrellas!!
 This is the Palais de Justice.  One can still see some of the injuries it suffered during the Second World War.  It is a huge building, covering a whole city block and very elaborate in its architecture.
But I still prefer pastoral to cityscapes.  Bales of hay......
 and no one really interested in our passing except these dear creatures!!
An old beech forest, one of the largest and densest in Europe, that we passed through on the way to Lyons la Foret.  It is called the Foret de Lyons and was once a hunting ground of the Norman dukes.  These are truly towering giants, so very beautiful. We went again today to Lyons la Foret and walked around in the village and so tomorrow I'll show you some more pictures.
 But yesterday, all the while we were out, rain and dark clouds.
And then this in the evening!!  Complete with jet trails.  This is looking out the bedroom window from our gite.  Pretty amazing, don't you think!!??
Today we went to Giverny and then back to Lyons la Foret and the weather was much better (that's why we bought the umbrellas, don't you know!!!)  I'll show you some pictures tomorrow....

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