Friday, December 21, 2012

Landscape compositions

I've prepared a couple of acrylic landscapes for the Jane Davies class Extreme Composition.  They are for the last lesson (I made it!!! late, but I made it...) and are part of a warm-up exercise.  I actually quite like doing these and so was happy to have the excuse to prepare a couple more.  I've used the same materials for each iteration.  These are possibly too representational to be called 'abstract' but they are what I felt like doing.
This first one is 8 x 10.  On each of these I prepared a collaged background that I painted with neutral colours....
 Then I put on the pieces to represent the landscape, using a different horizon line each time.  This second piece is 8 x 8.  I haven't worked in a square format before, so this was kind of fun!
(hmmmm....clearly I'm losing it....I believe the first one is 8 x 8 and the second 8 x 10.  And the size of my brain?... questionable...)
And finally I added more paint to try and bring the pieces all together. (This last piece is 8 x 12.) I've done another and have one more to work on tomorrow.  I'll post them when I'm done... so...
I'll be back.....


  1. Marny, these series are beautiful. Soft in colors and while suggestive of realism, the abstraction is dreamy! May you have wonderful holidays with your family. Love, Jarina

  2. Thanks Jarina. And all the very best for the new year to you. See you this summer!

  3. wow marny! The effect of light in the skys are amazing! Very creamy, dreamy delight. The impasto effect...did you use a knife with paint or it that texturizing of the base first? Wonderful productions Marny!! cc