Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pen and Watersoluble Inks

I am really enjoying the watercolour class I am taking at the moment.  Last night we worked with watersoluble inks and fine (very fine) nibbed pens.  It was such a lot of fun and our instructor kindly gave me one of her very wonderful nibs...so generous.  I really like the way you can go back into the drawing and wet out and then move around the inks.  I'll definitely be doing more of these.  These are my first attempts ever (no pencil first, yikes...how scary is that!) so they are a bit simple, but such fun.
 In this first one the ink bottle is totally wonky, but who cares!!! I was also playing around with drawing some lychee nuts (? are they nuts) and some primroses.  And no, that's not a worm, I was just playing around with wetting out the ink!!
 These were some ivy leaves that were available for drawing as well.  I added some watercolour to the leaf on the left but I think I prefer to just wet out the ink.  I have to get this colour for myself...it's olive green...so lovely for this exercise
I finished the Christmas stockings I was working on.  I'll load the pictures from my camera and show you next time.
I'll be back....

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