Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Space Between and more bits and pieces

I have worked some more on this small hanging.  I am calling it 'The Space Between' for a number of reasons.  I have put a bit of red in the binding, handstitched some more red into the binding and then added this bit of red to two of the daisies just to move the colour across the piece.  I like it!!
 I am carrying on with my watercolour class.  This morning I played with capturing this calla lily with watercolours.  Learning, learning.  It is a more wet-in-wet style than I am used to trying so it's baby steps!!  My life is a series of baby steps just now!!  But that's least I'm stepping!!
More work on another runner....I just love these colours.  So fresh.
And now I have to go and do a bit of work on the Jane Davies' Extreme Composition class I'm in.  Jane has generously left the class open until the end of the year so even though I started really (really) late, I am hopeful I can finish in time. This piece was one of four working in a grid using disparate elements (and more, that I won't go's worth taking the class, any of Jane's classes...see link the risk of repeating myself, Jane is a talented and generous teacher.)

But I'm also working on a couple of Christmas stockings for the wee ones using some of my hand-dyed fabrics.  Not sure if the design in my head will work in real life, but I'm going to mess about with that this afternoon as well. This one is becoming something of a priority.
I love it that I have so many projects on the go. It makes me crazy that I have so many projects on the go. Basically I'm a cheery nutcase.  That works!
I'll be back....

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