Thursday, November 15, 2012

Jane Davies' classes: Two more pieces

 Here are two more pieces from the Jane Davies' Extreme Composition class.  I am having quite a lot of fun working my way through the lessons and am preparing to begin lesson 3.  It is fun to be working with acrylics again and Jane offers lots of great ideas for moving forward with the various techniques.  (She also suggested that I make the line on the left hand side a bit more prominent and I believe she is right.  But I was impatient to try something with cropping the image and I haven't re-worked the line yet:  I scanned these two pics and I think I have learned how to crop them so that not too much of the scanner bed is showing.  It is what I wanted to do.  Old tricks....maybe it can happen!!!  Now I'll tackle that line...)
Tomorrow I am doing a workshop on monoprinting.  Pictures to follow!!!
I'll be back....

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  1. Hi Marny
    thanks for your help re my blog! I loved your work from this class too. I've never done a class where I've learned so much, but hadn't anticipated how MuCH time it would take up. As a full time special needs teacher I wanted to make more time for my art but just didn't have this much!
    Stay in touch?!