Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fun working in a group

Yesterday I spent the morning monoprinting with some friends.   Laura (above) got a beautifully clear picture of some birds and then got a lovely ghost print as well.
 Eileen managed the same magic with a leaf image.  We found that the retarder gel gave us a longer working time.  I am wondering if the Golden Open Acrylics would have the same effect.  I haven't tried them yet.
 Miriam used Jacquard Lumiere paints to get these two lovely images.  Printing onto coloured fabric was very successful.
 Brenda printed this sweet little tree image onto some fancy paper.
Dale experimented with textures on the print plate and pulled off this beautiful image.
Yvonne was working with cave images and also managed to get some great texture on her image as well.  It does have a sort of cave-wall feel to it, doesn't it?

And here, working in a group as well, are some lovely pumpkins sitting together amongst the feverfew.  This shot was taken last month but I just loaded it onto my computer today.  It was at the end of a lovely long stretch of sunny weather.  A treat to look at now as I am listening to the rain on the skylight above my head.   The sunny image and the pelting rain make a rather disorienting juxtaposition!!
I hope your day is filled with many pleasant things.
I'll be back....


  1. Hi, Marny, Nan from Extreme Comp. The prints are wonderful. I took a Golden workshop and yes, the Golden Open will work much better for printing with longer open time. The instructor also said that Golden Open Medium mixed with regular paints (or in my case, my printing inks) will have the same effect, as well as drying fairly waterproof. (I had been disappointed in my inks because the resulting prints were so hard to work with as collage since they were not waterproof when dry.)
    You've got a great blog here!

  2. Good to know, Nan. Thanks so much for the info. I will purchase a couple of my favourite colours and give the Open acrylics a try. Certainly, I'll try the medium.
    Thanks for stopping by. "See' you in class!!!