Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jane Davies' class Extreme Composition

I am finally posting some work to Jane Davies' class called Extreme Composition.  I am late (nothing new, sigh) but at least I am getting to it!!! These two pics are from the beginning of the second lesson and we were to work with shapes.

Jane really is a fabulous instructor with lots of wonderful ideas and insightful comments.  All the class members join a (closed) blog just for the class and post their work.  Other class members offer their comments and Jane comments on every posting as well.  I have always found the comments  from both Jane and the other class members to be extremely helpful.  I cannot recommend her classes enough!!  Check them out at  There is a link on her blog to her on-line classes.  (While you're at it, check out her new dvd as well.....also excellent.)


  1. How wonderfully different! I love the simple complexity and the monochromatic palette. You are amazing Marny. Jarina

  2. Thanks Jarina. These were really fun to do!!