Sunday, November 11, 2012

More bits and pieces

 I am playing with some monoprinting, trying to figure out what paints to use.  I have been inspired totally by Angie Lewin's book (absolutely fabulous) and since I'm just using these for sampling I have traced some of her designs.  I think that's all right (copyright-wise) since they are for my own use and will just end up in the bin when I'm done.  Here I have used Golden Acrylic heavy body paints plus retarder as my ink.  The top image had a lot more ink on the plate (a sheet of plexiglas) but I kind of like the effect.  I went into it once it was dried with watercolour pencils and then went over that with a wet brush.  Kind of fun.  You can see a close-up below.  It's on rice paper.  The second piece was more successful as a print.  I like the 'noise' that the ink leaves on the paper as you draw into it on the plate.

 I have completed four runners (tis the season, you know) and am sort of glad to be done with them for a while.  All that 'stitch in the ditch' business is hard on the old eyes. 
This last pic (another monoprint) is taken from one of my photos that I shot last spring during our drive just east of Amsterdam.  I'm thinking of putting it on fabric.  More on that later.
Clearly I have more to do.  Lots more.
I'll be back....

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  1. Beautiful work, Marny. Thanks for the inspiration!