Thursday, December 13, 2012

Stockings, and more with Jane Davies

I completed the two little stockings for the two little grandsons.  I happened to have some fabric that I had dyed a couple of months ago and so used it for the stockings.  I scanned a picture from a favourite bedtime book (thought it would be all right since it's to be given as a gift, in terms of copyrights) and the other pic is of my cat since my grandson thinks she is pretty special.  I printed both pics out onto fabric and then applied them to the stockings....not terribly exciting, but terribly simple!!!

These next pics are from the Jane Davies class Extreme Composition.  They were fun to do.  I keep thinking about how I can apply these designs to fabric using various surface design techniques.  It will happen at some point I am sure.

Hmmmm, I did a third one.  I guess I haven't processed it yet.
I'll be back.....

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