Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A bit rusty

Oh sigh.  It's been a while since I got out my watercolours and I seem to have come adrift in terms of the brushes and the paint.  No matter, I am encouraged to keep on trying.  It is spring here and SO beautiful.  I read blogs from folks in the UK and it seems as if their winter just doesn't want to quit.  We are very fortunate here.

I have continued to stitch on my latest piece but honestly, it's like pulling teeth.  I stitch for an hour and then I have to stop and evaluate what I've done, or not done.  Such a slow process.  It's a much bigger piece than I have ever done before and so the stitching requires a somewhat different approach  (I'll show you a bit more next time).  But the great part is that it is helping me to evaluate what I like to do, in terms of my own work.  So I shall press on, and paint on as well.

So I apologize for the rustiness, and the dustiness (oh my!), but I just had to show you that I am doing SOMETHING!!!!
I'll be back.....


  1. Hey Marny....Sometimes (many times) it is good to sit and stare at a piece before you work on it...it is OKAY. i find that it really helps me to know where I want to go and what I want to do. It helps me organize the stitching...so don't worry about it...some pieces have to "take their time" to evolve...in the meantime work on smaller more friendly pieces and keep building your skills...make some sandwiches and experiment with your stitching on them...they are safe and very will build your confidence and make it easy for you to move on to the large piece. (I hope you are working from the center out...it will keep the distortion down.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Pam and for your timely comments. Yup, slowly slowly. Sneaking up on completion!!

  3. Hi Marny ... I have been blog-surfing and found your reply at Charlton Stitchers' blog.
    I am always glad to find fellow fibre artists. I am a 'closet' watercolorist myself and have nor posted any on my blog ... but you have inspired me to do so ! oh, and I am a follower now :)

    1. Hi Sharron. Tks for stopping by. And I'm following your blog now too, what fun!!