Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Finding my way through

I have kept working, albeit very slowly, on my latest piece.  I'm not sure why it has had me so stumped, but it certainly has.  It is possibly the size, although I have done pieces this size before.  Certainly I have been second (and third and fourth) guessing myself.  Finally I just decided, again, to simply jump in.  And so I have been planning my way through, across and around the piece for the final stitching.  Still not sure, but pushing on nonetheless (don't you just love words that aren't always brave enough to stand all by themselves!  That need a little friendly support.  Just like us!!).
Anyway, enough of that.  Here is where I started today.
Who knows where I'll finish.  No doubt with more second (third and fourth) guessing!
Furthermore,  I'll be back..... (ok, ok, I'll stop!!!!)