Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Forecast: Slow progress but sunny

While I seem to be creeping along, spring is moving along at a rapid pace.  Thank goodness one of us is!!!  I was out early this morning to capture this sun-drenched clematis.
And I also spent a bit of time preparing a tracing of my next project using my trusty lightbox.  I just love that thing....no more leaning against a sunny window....which works just fine, mind you, but the lightbox is so much easier on my shoulders!  I'm hoping to push on with this one a bit more today but I still have a dentist appointment, with freezing, oh my, to get through.  I am always so SO impressed by you folk who seem to get tons of work accomplished even when you're under the weather.  I am such a wimp....but then there are all those murder mysteries that seem to need reading as well......
This pic also features a new dvd by my friend Susan Purney Mark.  Last summer she asked 5 of us if we would like to participate in a soy wax workshop and our 'fee' was to create a couple of pieces using work created in the workshop.  NO PROBLEM!!!  Everyone bent to the task and created some really wonderful, very diverse work.  And most of those pieces appear at one point or another in Susan's dvd .  And what a great dvd it is!  148 minutes absolutely filled with lots of methods and ideas from using the soy wax with numerous different tools, to using it with dyes, thickened dyes, silk screens, various resist methods, stitch and discharge.  And if you're not into procion-type dyes there is a section on using Dye-Na-Flow and also on sunprinting.  It's a Studio Galli production.  You've got to get it!!!  I've put a couple of links below.  

OK, that's it for today.  I'm hoping to be further along when we meet again!!!  'Til then, I'll be back.....


  1. Wow Marnie, clematis in flower already,mine are barely out of the ground with only the tiniest green shoots showing.
    It is miserable to feel unwell, especially when you want to be doing things, and the dentist as well. The smallest anaesthetic makes me feel unwell for a whole day. Poor you, I hope you feel better real soon.

    1. tks Pam. I always feel sort of sorry for dentists. I'm SO relieved to leave...does anybody love them at all!!!???

  2. Ah ... another interesting technique to investigate ... or maybe it's actually several rolled into and one with lots of potential!
    PS that clematis is gorgeous. Mine like Pam's are still in embryo....

    1. Oooo yes, the soy wax!! It really is fun. Do check out the dvd...available from Rainbow Silks with you. Worth investigating!

    2. Thanks - I will do so when I know I've got time to spend investigating. Right now I'm trying to get started on the Next Big Thing! - and I'm struggling, but then I always do at the start.