Saturday, May 4, 2013

The impatient patient

I really don't like being ill and this last couple of weeks have been really frustrating for me.  Well, I got to read a lot of murder mysteries (Jo Nesbo, Ann Cleeves, Trevanian, Louise Penny for starters!) but the worst part is how really tired I was.  No energy.

Still, I'm back at it now and on to my next project.  It's entitled 'Red Bench' for now, and is still part of my France series, but I tend to change my mind about titles as I go along.  So I have started 'going along'.  I have chosen my picture, had it enlarged (I'm trying a slightly larger size this time) and I have started working on colours.  I'm adding a black into the mix but of course blacks are a mixture of other colours so I have to make sure that the underlying tone will give me the right effect (in this case, Black 39 from Dharma and it seems to be a bit green once all the red has washed out).  I'm using it here with an orange that I've mixed as well so lots of factors coming into play.
I'm ok with some of the greyed colours (which have a sort of green cast to them) since I really only want them in small quantities to use with sodium alginate but I feel as if I want to play around with the golden colours a bit further.  And then I have to mess about with some mark making as well for which I will also use the thickened colours.  And I always throw some silk organza into the various dye pots because I love the nuances of colour that it adds.

But mostly, here's what next on the agenda.
So I'd best get at it if I want to start again with dyeing more golds.  Making up for lost time.
I'll be where is the ReDuRan???!!!


  1. Sorry you were ill - you were missed! Love the greys - so subtle - and just the enticing glimpse of the red bench.

  2. Great array of colours and that glimpse of the red bench has me very interested !

  3. What an exquisite red! and the rest are so good with it. How big are you working?

    1. Sorry, Steph...forgot to get back to you....this piece will be about 12 x 15 inches. And I'm using Chinese Red from Dharma plus I think I threw in other bits of dye colours as well. But it is a lovely rich red!