Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Stitching Daisies

I am leaving in the morning for the interior of the province, I'm off to Penticton, to see the Canadian Quilt Association's National Juried Show.  It will be interesting to see my two little quilts hanging with the 'big guys'!  Seven hours of driving tomorrow, three on Friday and then another 7 to get home on Saturday.  And that doesn't include the couple of hours of ferry rides to get on and off the island on which I live.

But it means I've been doing very little textile-related for the last while.  So I'll leave you with a piece that I did a couple of years ago, based on the daisies in my back yard.

The background is painted wunder-under and various other fabrics with the flowers fused on the top and then stitched.  It was fun to do...I might just do another one!
I'll try and take some pictures while I'm gone.   The landscape of the interior is quite different from here on the coast.
I'll be back.....


  1. Ah, I remember that journey inland well, up to the Okanagan Valley - and those lovely ferry rides to get on and off the island. 40 years ago, I used to live in Duncan BC. Your description makes me quite nostalgic!

  2. oh, Margaret, I had forgotten that you had lived in Duncan. Yes, a beautiful ferry ride this morning and then a lovely trip up through the Interior. Off to the show tomorrow...should be fun. I suspect things might have changed a bit in 40 years (you'll have to plan a trip back to see!!), but it is still so very beautiful. Bright new growth on the aspens and the cottonwoods, blue greens on the hillsides and the dusty green of the sagebrush. So lovely!

    1. We have been back - about 20 years ago with our children and there had been enormous changes then. Sometime, we plan another visit to see friends who live in Victoria and to do the cruise up the Pacific coast to Alaska ... I dream of it!

    2. Please, please tell me if you're coming to Victoria....we must get together!!! I have done the Alaska cruise...apparently there are mountains there... I saw mostly fog, drat!.....but an adventure nonetheless with lots of memories!

  3. It is so cool. I love your work. I enjoyed seeing your quilts in Penticton but don't feel they were displayed well. There were some amazing pieces there. I hope you enjoyed your trip up there. The Okanogan is so beautiful. the only thing really missing were the cherries. Love those cherries.