Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Linda Germain class, printing onto fabric and more stitch

Yesterday I printed some fabrics to use as backgrounds and think that they might be quite useful.  Still not ready to vote on the Versatex inks but I am getting to know them a bit better.  Sometimes that's all it takes.

Then today I sort of went off, right out of school!  I printed onto silk organza and put together what might become a small appliqued piece using some of the organza plus some of the little pieces I printed the other day.  You can just make out the organza, under and over the various bits.  I think it will provide some stitching ideas and also take away somewhat from the stark white in the background.  I love organza, so great for layering!  I think it has potential, don't you?

And at the same time I am working on some more of the stitched pears for my little cards.  I still have to sew on a gold grid and then add the bobbin work to complete these wee fruits, but it's a fun process and Leonard Cohen was singing to me as I stitched along.  Nice!!!

And of course, I'll be back.
(Oh dear, I'm falling behind in the Liz Steel class.....hurry, hurry.....)