Friday, January 27, 2012

Experiments with gouache

This is an experimental page created from a suggestion on the Kemshall website DesignMattersTV (it's great! do check it out, enjoy the free videos and then maybe sign up!).  Following the instructions from Linda Kemshall,  I painted an image in gouache, let it dry, then painted over the whole page with Indian Ink and let that dry.  Then you wash off the page and the gouache, which isn't waterproof, washes off, taking the Indian ink with it.  Voila!  It's a neat technique with a lot of possibilities I think.  I'll play with it some more.  Here I just popped it on to a watercolour-painted page without bothering to integrate it at all. I can't quite decide how I would do that....I'll have to ponder.
In the meantime, the birds are singing outside and the days are getting longer.  And today the sun will be shining.  It's all good!!!

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  1. Funny, I was recently thinking about trying gouache... so maybe I will check this out and try it...Thanks.