Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Yes! paste experiments

I'm frustrated that I can't draw or paint with watercolours on top of matte medium once I've affixed something to one of my pages.  So I experimented with Yes! paste.  I used it to paste some tissue paper onto a page (that had not been previously prepared with anything).  I then drew on the page with permanent pens and HB pencil.  I did some shading with the pencil as well.  Then I painted into the page with watercolours.  I tried lifting some of the paint at one point and the permanent pen lifted as well (!!).  Also, where I had done some drawing and shading with the pencil, the watercolour, that is, the water, lifted away all the graphite as well.  Before painting, any graphite marks smudged badly .  I used inktense pencils on the tissue and it seemed to hold.  But it does mean I can paint onto a page once I've affixed something with tissue paper and so far, the edges don't seem to be a problem because I find they sometimes show quite badly with matte medium.  The page might need to be set with a fixative once completed.  So lots more experimenting to do yet.  But I think I will use the Yes! paste again, just keeping all of this in mind.  I still have to try it with a page that is already painted on...I forgot to paint a bit before I started laying on the paste and tissue.  Next time....
 I'd love to hear what experiences you've had with this medium.....any thoughts????


  1. Marny, this intrigues me. Are you talking about Yes!glue? Did you dilute the paste? I wonder if PVA glue could be used as well, as it is acid free, and so is considered archival. I understand that Yes!glue is not. I love yes! glue because it does not buckle the paper. Is it water resistant after it dries? You painted it with watercolors and do not report any problems. I will try it out. I know that there are acrylic absorbent grounds that you can paint over acrylic and watercolors will adhere to these, but they are opaque in nature. They also "tint" the color you are applying. Golden has that product. Daniel Smith has what they call Watercolor ground. I am not clear from the description of it in the catalogue if it can be applied over acrylics, but it can be used to over-paint an area in a painting (for non-absorbent surfaces, you need to abrade the surfaces with sandpaper or steel wool) that you do not like and repaint it. It also says that you can scrub it and lift color without damaging the paper. Looks interesting as well. If I ever get to Dan Smith, I think I'll pick up a bottle of it (16 oz for 16.95)

  2. tks for your reply, Jarina. yes, it's Yes!glue and I did dilute it. And I understand it is now acid-free (says so on the jar.) I would suggest it's not water resistant because you can paint it with the watercolours and I would bet that something like a Sharpie pen would go through it. It's great that you can paint it with w/c because matte medium will accept acrylics but not much more. Absorbent ground seems to solve this but I like the glueing potential of the Yes! glue. Tks for your thoughts. I'll just keep painting and see what happens. If you try it, let me know what you think.

  3. I have used clear gesso with success...there is more of a tooth but you CAN use watercolors over them. carissa
    oh! btw...I'm "in" that other, oh so private, class we talked about! whoo-hoo! Can't wait to start.

  4. tks, carissa. I've sent you an email. marny