Sunday, January 29, 2012

Time for Tea.

A couple of small successes to celebrate!!! I fussed with monoprinting for a couple of days and did a bunch of reading about the subject.  And then I just tried again!! And it worked this time.  I used far less ink (in this case, acrylic and a retarder) on the plate and applied it with a roller.  And I used a sharper instrument to draw with.  Much better.  I then applied the piece to the page using matte medium and then went over that with clear gesso.  (Thanks, Carissa, I had forgotten that I could paint on top of clear gesso.)  It does leave quite a tooth so I didn't use my good brushes, but I was pleased with the results nonetheless.  Nothing 'melted' under the gesso and it dried quickly.  Such fun.  The bottom of the page is actually pale yellow but it got sort of washed out in the photo.  You'll have to pretend!
The quote here is from a poem by Rupert Brooke called The Old Vicarage, Grantchester.  It fitted the image quite nicely! 
So that's it for today.   Back soon.

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  1. Right on Marny! Great quote...& great results for your first monoprint. I often sand the gesso w/ fine sandpaper block for a smoother painting surface...but still more tooth than a blank page. carissa