Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Experiments with gouache

I am playing with some of the pictures I took of Beauport Abbey.  This is my gouache version, on tissue paper, of one of the photos I posted earlier after my visit to the Abbey last June.  I am going to affix it to another prepared background (gesso, watercolour, tissue paper, matte medium) that I'm working on but the gouache smudges badly with the matte medium on top of it when I apply it to the background so I am trying to outwit it!!  So far it may be winning.  I've tried putting it face down which prevents the smudging but I lose some of the velvety look of the gouache.  This is my second version, the first was on tracing paper.  And I can't paint directly onto the matte medium with the gouache because it doesn't give nearly the effect I'm looking for.  No matter, I shall persevere!!
If you have any ideas I 'd love to hear them. 
Back soon,.....I hope!!!...


  1. Dear Marny,

    having worked with gouache for some time, I can tell you that it is very easily disturbed if overlaid with wet medium, using brush strokes. It may be a bit more resistant to dissolution, if it was left to dry for a very long period, but even then, repeating brush strokes will begin to dissolve the paint.

    At some point, I tried to spray the gouache painting with acrylic finish, but did not like it as it dried very shiny and unevenly at that. The painting was ruined and I could not overlay it with anything. I often wondered if a brayer would be the solution, spreading mat acrylic medium. I never tried. Or an airbrush.

    It appears to me that you want to achieve a particular look with your gouache. I am not clear about what you would like it to look like. I believe that if you like the look of gouache and need it to be water resistant, you could consider casein paints, which need a time to cure, but once they are cured, they stay put. You can make them quite opaque. And they use water for working with them. They also have a peculiar cheesy smell while wet. Shiva makes them. Stephen Quiller uses casein paint in conjunction with his acrylics. An amazing artist, if you are not aware of him.

    I am curious about this project that you are working on and will be interested to know how you resolve it. I have not been in my studio for a month. I seem to need a vacation at present time. Love, Jarina

  2. Thanks so much for your information, Jarina. I always really appreciate your input. Hoping to see you later on this summer!