Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Last holiday post

 So, as you know, I am home now, but still haven't quite finished bringing you up to date with the trip!  So a few last shots from our trip and then I'll get on to more things that I've been busy with at home.

The sky, oh my gosh, the beautiful skies over Holland.  Well, over all of Europe that we saw.  Gorgeous big wide skies.  Here is one quick shot.  Endless, endless skies.
 On our last drive-about in Holland we stopped and walked around in Edam.  What a lovely little town.  There were more canals, with boats safely moored beneath bridges....
and cheese.  Edam is another word for cheese, right???!!!
 And a mallard duck in the water.  Water and water birds, they go together!
 And I confess, I was very intrigued with the boats in the shadows.....
 And back in Amsterdam, lots of bikes, and more canals....very Amsterdam!
 And trams.  There are tram lanes, and bike lanes and then people lanes.  And you have to be very careful about which one you are in!!
 Windmills, so lovely....
 And more boats.....
And finally, I got some pictures of flamingoes!!! I had been sad that I hadn't been able to capture any flamingoes on film whilst we travelled through the Camargue.  So, flamingoes in Amsterdam.....that works!!

So that was the end of our holiday.  And such a holiday it was.  I enjoyed every second of it!!  And I would do it again in a heartbeat!!  I hope you enjoyed my travels as much as I did.

But wait, I have thousands of photos, and so I will continue to enjoy my trip for a long time and I am sure it will show up in my art bits more and more often.

When it does, I'll show you that too!
Back soon....


  1. Thanks Marney for taking us along on your wonderful trip. We did enjoy it.

  2. Thank you again for taking us with you. Flamingoes? Talk soon. Steph