Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Soy Wax, Handmade books and More Gouache

I have finished making one of the bookcovers and have started the cover for another hand made book. 

The photo above is the finished book cover that I have slipped onto one of my sketchbooks.  I think I had some of the process a bit confused last time (sorry, it's the brain, sigh).  This one was prepared using soy wax, but in this case the soy wax was applied through a stencil onto the fabric, left to dry  (which takes but a moment) and then the fabric was painted with procion MX dyes that had been mixed with urea and soda ash, so that the fabric didn't need any presoaking.  I used felt for batting and bound it as for a quilt, with sleeves inside into which I slipped the front and back covers of the book.
This book cover was prepared in the same way as the previous cover...that is, the wax was applied first, this time with a stamp, onto plain white fabric and then the fabric was painted with the dyes.  Then it was batched and rinsed, as one does.  I did a bit of stitching onto it before attaching it to the covers.  I haven't yet added any of the signatures....that part won't happen for a little bit, but I'll show you again when it's all finished.
And this is another page I have completed in my travel journal, using the same image from Beauport Abbey.  I prepared the page with oil pastels and a watercolour wash, then I painted with the gouache onto the watercolour paper that is in the journal.  This is the first time I've used watercolour paper...well, each time so far has been different.  I've tried tracing paper, tissue paper and now watercolour paper.  I can't say I have a favourite, although I expect the watercolour would be the most usual option.  It didn't buckle at all, which was nice but it wasn't an especially wet application.  It buckled a wee bit from the watercolour wash but the gouache doesn't seem to have affected it.  I'll play some more with it and see what happens.

I am working into my sketchbook using some other images and symbols from the Abbey.  I'll show you that next time.

Back soon.....

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