Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Last week in Avignon. A contemplation.

This has been such a wonderful holiday.  We sit in the morning in our favourite cafe and have our favourite croissant and coffee (after much sampling and surveying.....I have to tell you, I'm actually looking forward to a pretty stringent regime upon my return!!!).  This morning at the cafe we sat outside and I waved a 'bonjour' to two Avignon acquaintances and had a long chat with a third....people walking by that we often chat with in the bakery or at the market, not to mention the guy that makes our morning cafe au lait and really doesn't even ask now what we want. And the long and pleasant chat was with our landlady who happened to be walking into town. And so it must be when one moves to a new town and begins to settle in.  And while we are heading home soon, it has been such an interesting phenomenon to experience the beginnings of this process of settling in (I've been in my current home for nearly 30 years, totally settled!!!!).....this was a bonus that I hadn't even contemplated when we decided to stay in one place for six weeks. I am always so delighted to be given these new things to learn.  And while I appreciate that there are TONS more things out there to learn, that I'll never get to or even know about, I am just so grateful for one more opportunity.....

Moving on.  It's all good.

And at the same time I am missing my own comfortable little neighbourhood, where I know lots of people and have lots of 'good mornings'.  The lovely little coffee shop just down the road from where I live.  "Just a cafe au lait please.  No, nothing to go with that, thanks."  I shall be sure to contemplate, when I get home, the phenomenon of being 'settled' and what all THAT means,

But we have more things to do before we fly home.

Gosh, this one has been a bit of a ramble....I'll be back....


  1. I love travelling ... The thrill of the new, unexpected and just plain amazing is intoxicating. To spend 6 weeks in one place would be lovely, the feeling of being 'settled' is vital to me too, though the coming home after an exciting time away can be an awful let down. I think I need the settled place to enjoy the excitement of the travel. A safe return when you leave beautiful France.

    1. Thanks, Margaret. Such mixed feelings about it all, but one over-riding lucky I am to have had this chance, to visit this lovely country one more time!!! I'm going to miss it!