Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday's play

This morning we went up to a favourite cafe on Rue de la Republique, just across from the Office du Tourisme.  I sat and had a cafe au lait and sketched people walking by the tourist information office.  I am taking a class at Sketchbook Skool and this week's instructor is Melanie Reim.  She is an illustrator, no,... she is an amazing illustrator.  And this weeks assignment is to sketch in public. Well, I've never done people before and I've never sketched in public before.  So I sort of tucked myself into the cafe and sketched the people across the street.  That's about as bold as I get!!!  At this point, I am just trying to get the gestures of people's forms.  And I may never get past this point!! The idea of 'people,' and 'public' are sort of terrifying for an introvert like me.

Additionally, I did some gelli plate printing yesterday, and I did some more watercolour work inspired by the little crabapples (I think they are) from l'Ile de la Barthelasse.  I also played around a bit in my sketchbook, recording some of what we have been doing  (I have another one in the works...more on that one later).  This looks a little washed out, it's a bit more exciting in the 'flesh' but admittedly, not much!!!  

So that's about it today. Weather permitting, we may go to Arles tomorrow on the train....tomorrow or the next day.

I'll be back....


  1. What a wonderful time you're having!
    I'm no introvert usually but I too find sketching people very hard and also have never got beyond the 'gestures of people's forms' stage - what a great description that is! I sketch in public (but the buildings, trees - especially trees - shapes, not generally the people. I hate it if someone comes and peers over my shoulder to see what I'm doing so perhaps I'm a drawing introvert after all.

    1. Everyone says it gets easier the more you do it....I'm going to give it a least here no one knows me!! And the idea of someone peering over my shoulder...oh my!! And I usually don't even include people in my photos so I still have a long way to go!!!! OK, pens and pencils at the ready.....