Saturday, October 4, 2014

Rue Jules Vernet, Avignon

I think that Rue Jules Vernet is my favourite street so far in Avignon.  Well, next to Rue des Teinturiers, which will always be my favourite.  But this one is also a favourite for other reasons, most of them having to do with light.  And this one somehow feels more 'French', not quite so directed at the tourists, unlike Rue de la Republique, with is very tourist-y.  How about the light in this one:

And then, as you may know, I am a fan of online courses, and I am currently enrolled in Sketchbook Skool.  This one is on Storytelling.  In a Journal.  I'm happy to get lots of new ideas, and while I have never drawn my food before (!!!), it's actually quite fun!

This is my pic from the first exercise...I didn't do it quite as suggested, but it is a pic of my morning coffee, as I have been having it every morning while I've been here. I get up, make my coffee and sit at the computer while I drink it.  Fun.

This one is from the second exercise.  It's a recipe of sorts.  Not sure if I got the 'story' down pat, but the doing of it was fun.  And all just before it went into the soup pot!  I've used the paint kit that is available from the Kemshall's online store, the one I used when I did their Sketchbook course.  I quite like it, but the colours are very heavily pigmented, and I'm still trying to get the blue out of my brush!!!

So that's it for the moment.  I'll be back...

(Here's a link to Sketchbook Skool: 


  1. This looks interesting ... but I really mustn't enrol in another online course just now ... maybe sometime though ...

    1. Hi Margaret. It does look interesting, doesn't it? I confess I signed up because I knew I wouldn't be anywhere near my sewing machine for 6 weeks, so I'd have time to paint. So many little time....sigh.....poor me, life is SO hard, isn't it??!!!