Monday, October 20, 2014

Quiet days

We have had a few quiet days, walking and exploring but not doing too much else.  I have been doing some drawing and have decided to concentrate on some of the things that I have been particularly enjoying here and that I want to remember.  Not big and fancy things, just little things that I want to remember.

 I'm still trying to draw people.  I suspect it will always be a huge challenge.  These are drawings from some of the photos I took on our day to Arles....I don't normally even include people in my pictures but it's hard to ask a whole tour group to move out of the way!!
I have been enjoying the milk here (I normally don't drink milk, opting for a non-dairy alternative at home), bottled water (at home I don't use bottled water but here the water is so hard and full of calcite..I think that's what it is, that it's pretty awful), and a container from the chestnut yogurt I have been enjoying (see dairy comment above, but this yogurt, that I remembered from our visit two years ago, is delicious....oh my,... and here I am using the container to hold water  for painting), some Liquitex Matte Medium that I bought at the store across the road, and some gesso, also purchased across the road.  These are a couple of pretty heavy items and I am going to give them back to the store when I leave.  They run art classes there so I am sure they'll be able to use them....already spoken to the owner in fact. Yup, no problem.
And pigeons.  These little creatures are everywhere but are certainly not a bother.  And I've noticed that when one of them is ailing, or worse, alas, that one of his buddies is generally by his side, for company, in the end.  I find it quite touching.

I have also taken a picture of the front door of the building in which we are staying.  I showed you a painted picture the other day of the key that we use to get into our particular apartment in this building.  Just little things, but things that will bring me pleasure to remember as time goes by.

That's it for now.
I'll be back....


  1. Safe journey on your way home. I'm sure you'll find much to inspire you from the trip.

    1. Thanks, Margaret. I'm sad it's coming to a close but you are right...I am taking a lot of memories, and inspiration, home with me. It's been a very special trip.....