Monday, January 21, 2013

Another gradation

I've done another gradation of black, this time using black from Maiwa in Vancouver.  It has a definite blue cast to it.  Interesting.
I agitated the fabric quite a lot before even adding the soda ash and there is very little mottling.  In retrospect, I might have liked a wee bit more, but if nothing else this will be great for discharging.

And I am working on another piece for the Jane Davies' Extreme composition class.  Not finished with this one yet, but not quite sure where to take it.
I'll continue to work on both projects.  I am so very busy and having quite a lot of fun.  Lots of different ways of making marks both on paper and on fabric.  So much more to explore!
Onward......can't stop now!!
I'll be back...

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