Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Another horizon.

Here is another horizon pic that I did for the Jane Davies class.  I think it's my least favourite of the bunch, but still it gives me food for thought.  I went a bit crazy with the texturing, but it was kind of fun.  I'm thinking about how I can get this kind of texture with fabric and still be able to stitch into it.  I suppose one could do all the stitching by machine first and then roller over it with colour...that's a thought. Or use big chunky yarns.  Then there's collage.  And I've ordered some fun little spray tools from Dharma that I can use with Procion dyes that I'm sure I could spray on top of stitch, just being sure to add the soda ash to the dye mix.  The strike on the threads would be less than reliable but could add an interesting resist to the mix. Or I could stitch it all in white, soda soak it and then colour it.  I'll have to give different sorts of texture-making a try.  Oh my gosh, so many possibilities.  I'm feeling a bit light-headed!
I'll be back...

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