Thursday, January 31, 2013

Oranges. Sunshine for breakfast!

Here is the orange picture as it stands at the moment.  Lots of stitching.  Fun to work on developing and melding the values with the stitching as well as the fabrics.  And I can see how I am going to need more drawing skills than those I learned (and have clearly forgotten) in that little introduction in Grade 8 art!!  Quite a few years ago now!  Not to worry, this little study has taught me a lot and I am thinking I may do it again in a slightly larger version. I do love the learning part and then, to have a little something at the end of it all, bonus!!!
More to do today.  I'll be back....


  1. Marny, these look absolutely wonderful!!! And the process you went through amazes me: dying the fabric and than piecing it all together and stitching it. I am at awe as i witness your ebullient creativity. Lots of love, jarina

  2. Thanks Jarina. Still having tons of fun over here!!!