Sunday, January 20, 2013

Making more marks with Procion

I have been playing around with making marks on fabric using thickened dyes: stamps, stamping, stencils, brayer marks, needle-nose bottle for drawing, etc.  Such a lot of fun. Black and charcoal grey onto white and off white fabrics, although the second piece above is shot under lamplight so that's why it's that colour.   (I'm not sure I'd order charcoal grey again since it seemed to be a slightly less robust version of the black dye I was using.)  And then I steamed them, but this time using the canning pot, with the stand to raise the pieces above the water, and the kitchen stove.  I wrapped the pieces in paper and held them in a roll with masking tape.  But I think I must have had the pot too hot (Is that possible?? Is simmering less hot than a full boil??? Is the temperature that different??).  Anyway, I believe I must have scorched the soda-soaked fabric because the fabric came out sort of tan coloured (which makes me think it was scorched) and the black dyes came out burgundy.  Yikes!! And when I steamed everything the other day using my big stovepipe steamer, everything came out fine.  This time, also, there was absolutely NO loss of colour into the rinsing water....interesting.

I spent some time making the marks and as soon as the fabric was dry (i.e. no batching) I steamed it.  And then rinsed it right away.  And then I read that one should wait 24 hours before rinsing.  Oops.  I rinsed right away...but as I said, there was no loss of doubt because it had been so thoroughly baked in!  Oh well, lots to learn, and I now know the kinds of marks I can make with the thickened dyes.  Not a total loss then!!!

Onward.  I'll be back...

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