Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dyeing Gradations

 I have dyed seven different gradations of black to grey.  I used Jet Black, from Dharma Trading.  It has a slightly purple tint to it and the washing-out liquid had me a little worried, but in the end, all was well (as opposed to today's dyeing effort, which I'll show you next time.  Very weird.)  In the shot above is the cotton fabric I dyed plus some purchased yarns and some tencel fibre.  Oh, actually the grey fibres in the middle are tencel as well, dyed at our local fibre shop, Knotty by Nature.  Lovely shop, I always get myself into big trouble there!!!
This picture shows is all the pieces I dyed in the seven different values.  There is cheesecloth, cotton scrim, harem cloth, silk organza and cotton, all Dharma fabrics and yarns.  I dyed three batches of yarns, some silk, silk and bamboo and cotton.  The silk yarn that was dyed in the most intense dye bath took the dye well but the other two skeins, each in a dye bath of decreasing strengths, didn't dye black at all, but instead came out a lovely warm brown colour.  No matter, I will use it elsewhere.
Lots to learn.  I'm having fun.
I'll be back....

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  1. those greys are so dreamy! I want to roll around in them Marny. Seriously. cc