Monday, April 30, 2012

Avignon in the rain

Yesterday was windy but sunny.  So lovely.  These two pics are from the balcony of our gite.

Told you it was lovely, didn't I!!!???
Then today we went into Avignon.  It was overcast at first but soon turned to rain.  And then into a real downpour.  Wet Wet Wet.  Still we walked as far as the Palais du Pape and had a coffee, trying to wait out the rain.  To no avail.  So we came home and read and I played with my paints.  Not terribly exciting but at least I'm back at it!  And the final picture is my last journal page, with notes from our journey from Holland down to Rauchemaure.  I'll start working on one for this week next.  I think.
Is this too much information??? What do you think?

Oh sigh.  Sorry, you'll have to tip your computer on its side for the last two.  I am not used to this computer and I put the pictures right way up in IPhoto but they still came out sideways here.
We're planning on going back into Avignon when the rain clears up.  I want to get some pictures of the bridge, to set you all dancing!!
Back soon.


  1. How wonderful to be able to follow your journey this way. I love your pictures and the narratives. Thanks. Avignon is such a beautiful city. It has been a long time since I visited... some 30 years ago. I also love how you continue to explore watercolors and still lives. Such a joy to follow your progress and interests. Lots of love to you, Jarina

  2. Lovely countryside - and yes, ve vant zee details, s'il vous plait. Hope I spelled that right :) Nice you are continuing to paint.

  3. The rainy weather doesn't seem to be slowing you down at all. Enjoying your photos very much.

  4. Wonderful to hear from you all. Thanks for your lovely comments. We really are having fun!!! And Lesley, you were so right about the GPS!! What a wonder!

  5. Oh, Marny, glad to see you and to read about your adventures and see the lovely countryside. Rain is life so enjoy.