Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Time. Time passing. Oh My!

Good grief, it's happened again.  Time is slipping by so quickly and I have been so distracted.  We are leaving in two weeks' time for our trip and I have been spending lots of time and energy getting (and keeping) myself together!  I've been playing with my new camera and getting organized.  But I did a few pics for the Jane Davies' Composition class (lesson 5) before putting my paints away.  Here's one:

I did this one on a brown paper bag!!  Lots of collaging first followed by a preliminary painted layer, then quinacridone nickel azo gold, paynes grey, titan buff and more, then more stamping, more collage...painted tissue paper, basically a bit of everything.  And sort of fun.....I often have trouble with the fun part because the intense part gets in the way...the got-to-get-it-right part...I have a lot of trouble putting that part away.  But it gets better! OK, off to do a bit more organizing....but not too intensely!  I'll be back.   

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  1. Beautiful, Marny. I love the white area that makes the whole piece glow like burnished gold.