Tuesday, April 24, 2012

One more, to see if I can

I am figuring out the picture thing!  OK, first the disclaimer!!! Both of these pictures were taken from a moving car!!!  Anyway, you can see how there is water everywhere!!!  The first shot was taken on the drive from Amsterdam to Gouda and the second was taken the day we went for a drive from Gouda to Schoonhoven.  Water, water everywhere!
Most of the trees don't have leaves yet so their lovely winter forms show so starkly against the horizon.  As we are driving south there is more and more green on the branches....we are driving into spring!
OK, now I really have to go!
Back soon....


  1. Great pictures.... and so pleased to be able to travel long with you.. Keep up the postings.. BJ

  2. I can hear how excited you are to see this new, wet land. I wonder if the cheese gets it's name from Gouda?

  3. I love hearing and seeing what you are experiencing.