Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rauchemaure to Avignon

We have travelled down through Belgium (first night), stopped three nights along the way at Reims, Troyes then Bourg-en-Bresse then a final night on the road at Rauchemaure, just slightly west of Montelimar.  A lovely hotel in a medieval city.  The top photo is a picture out our hotel window the morning we left.
The second picture is a small shot of the Theatre antique d'Orange, north of Avignon.  We went into the city of Orange and walked around the square dominated by this first century roman amphitheatre.  Pretty amazing.
The third picture is of, well, oranges.  We have arrived at our first gite on l'Ile de Barthalasse about 15 minutes outside of Avignon.  We are way way out in the countryside on an island in the mouth of the Rhone River. But we did go shopping before we got here!
The last picture is taken out one of the windows in the's the only one with bars but I thought it was kind of fun!!!.  It is of a huge fact, the house is surrounded by orchards.  The family dog, a kind of pointer, has a one-month old litter of 8 sweet puppies.  Note to self: no, I can't bring one home!!  It was windy and stormy last night but lovely and warm.
I'm hoping to get my paints out this afternoon.
Back soon.  

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  1. This is great to 'see' where you are! A city called Orange? I am learning things! And puppies - we have been talking of getting one - but not yet so I'm not giving you an excuse to bring one home :) Have fun!