Saturday, April 14, 2012

How did I do that???

OK, here is the picture I shot this morning.  It seems to have uploaded all right.....this bodes well for the trip!!  I'll try and upload another before I go, but we'll see....we leave in three days!! Excitement all over the place.  I have packed, unpacked and repacked.  Still haven't quite got everything in, but I know I will!!!
This is a stitched piece taken from a stamp I made a few years ago.  It has collage on it, stitching on dissolvable fabric, couching, hand stitching,  wonder under, just a mad assortment of things.  I am going to get back at my stitching when I get back from the trip.  I'm taking a small piece to work on, with hand stitching, while I'm gone....we'll see just how much I get done!!!  No matter, anything and everything will be fine.
OK, I have to go and try and figure out what I did to capture this image onto my blog.  And try and do it again.
I'll be back....I hope!!!

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