Monday, April 23, 2012

First holiday post

OK here is my first post from europe.  We stayed in a B and B in Holland for four nights whilst readjusting to europe time. It was perfect.   And there were ostriches!!  So here is a small picture done one day while it was raining.  Everything is so lush and green, lambs, calves and kids everywhere.  Such a beautiful country.  And even in the rain, so beautiful.  We walked around the Centrum in Gouda and had a coffee on Sunday morning.  I'm taking tons of photos but just haven't quite figured out how to sort them out and choose the right ones to post.  It will take a bit of fiddling, but I'll figure it out!! I will!
We are using a GPS to get, what an invention that is!!  Fabulous!
OK, we're leaving our hotel in Liege, Belgium in a few minutes, so got to run.
Back soon.


  1. How fun is this - to travel with you? I like how you've conveyed the distance you've travelled across the page spread. And ostriches - interesting!

  2. too cool Marny! I hope you got some snaps of the birds!! cc

  3. Yay Marny! Great to see you here. And I love your painting.