Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jane Davies Composition class Lesson 5

Here is another image created for the fifth lesson in Jane Davies' composition class. We were working with layers and layering.  It's worked in acrylics with collaging and stamping as well.  This one is about 8 x 12.  Jane really is a great teacher and is offering quite a variety of classes now.  I've taken most of her on-line classes and would highly recommend them.  Do check them out at
The packing continues for the trip...spread out all over the floor.  We'll be gone for two months and I have no idea what to expect in terms of weather....well, given the state of things, I guess that's true almost everywhere now!  I am taking my small camera but I'm hoping to post while I'm gone as well.  We'll have the computer as well.  I'll do an experimental posting before we go to see if I can...
Still here for a couple more weeks however, so I'll be back.....

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