Sunday, April 8, 2012

Some I'm taking, some I'm not.

Here is  (part of) the little palette I've put together for the trip along with a neat travel paint brush.  I've also done a quick sketch of my coffee cup, the sort of thing I'll do for fun whilst traveling.  I'm planning on working on my drawing, of course, and I also love playing with the pen sketches and watercolour.....we'll see what I manage!!!
I'm taking quite a restricted palette (well, sort of) and am hoping to get to know these colours quite well.  We'll  find an art store when we get to Avignon, about a week and a half after we land in Amsterdam, and I'll get a block of watercolour paper, but I'll have this ready-cut paper in the meantime.
And this little creature, one of my two perfect grandsons, is part of what I'm NOT taking with me.  I'm going to miss them both terribly and the two months we're away will see a huge difference in the two of them.  If I hesitate at all when I think of the trip, it's about not seeing them!
Well, I guess in more ways than one, I'll be back.....


  1. Marny, have a great trip. I hope you will blog about it. Be safe and have a loads of fun. What a delightful baby. Love, Jarina

  2. Thanks Jarina. I'm certainly going to try and blog whilst we're gone. It's going to be such a fun trip!! And yes, I am going to miss this little mouse and his wee cousin! Hope to see you at the end of the summer.