Saturday, February 4, 2012

Can't stop!! Maybe it's the coffee!!!

Here is another one.  This one is a monoprint cut in half and each half painted and elaborated upon. I may do some stamping on it as well, can't quite decide.  I feel as if I'm getting a bit manic about all of this!!!  As if I should maybe stop and breathe a little bit!!  But I'm sort of pushing to get some work done because we're leaving in a couple of months and then I'm signed up for Gail Harker's Level Three Stitch class starting in August and I know there will be a research and work project that will be assigned, to be completed before classes begin.  So here I am, pushing away!!

I think some stamping might be in order in which case I'll show you later.  But for now, I have to digest what is going on here..... Back soon.  I'm going to try and breathe a bit.  Maybe try tea...


  1. I love it Marny. You certainly are an inspiration. And funny on top of it.

  2. Keep keep drinking the coffee, girl - these are simply amazing!

  3. They are really fun and so is your blog. So is the cup shape and table top the monoprint?