Sunday, February 5, 2012

Once again, with stamping!!

So, I sat with the previous piece for a bit and decided that it did indeed need some stamps.  I think that the stamp balances the two vertical elements on the left-hand page and also tends to cozy up the piece a bit.  (I'm pretty sure that I saw that as a design element:...."make sure your piece is cozy".)  In addition, the stamp sort of prevents the cup on the right-hand side from sliding off the page which it seemed in danger of doing before.  I'll put it at the bottom of this post so you can see the two together.  What do you think???
A  friend gave me a bag of lemons the other day.  And I'm pretty sure I can do something with those.  Besides pie.  So I'll just grab a coffee and have a think!  Thinking is good.  As opposed to housework!  Back soon.


  1. Yes .. keeping the cup from sliding off the page by cozying it up with stamps really does work. I continue to enjoy your observations and process.

  2. Tks, BJ. I'm realizing that the whole idea of 'cozy' is quite important to me! And right back at you, I am really enjoying what you're producing on your blog and in your classes. Such fun!

  3. I ditto what BJ says...and I really like the brown top near the coffee steam on the left page...gorgeous! cc