Wednesday, February 8, 2012

These ones. I'm playing with these ones.

I have a little point and shoot camera.  It's all I'm taking with me when we go on our trip but I think it'll be all right.  The nice thing is that it fits in, and stays in, my bag all the time.  So I always have it with me when I see something I want to point it at.  I pointed it at these lemons the other day and so these are the two shots I'm going to play with today.  And if you never see another reference to them ever again, I know you'll be too polite to ask!!  What's the point!!??
Oh, that is such a funny little word if you say it really often!!


  1. huh? Your photos look professional Marny! What a great you have a thing for yellow & blue? Summer colors to me. cc

  2. Tks, Carissa. I do like the photography thing! And I love yellow and blue. Such cheerful colours no matter what the season!