Friday, February 3, 2012

Revisiting favourites

I am having fun thinking up new uses for stamps I made a long time ago.  And I'm having fun playing with the watercolours.  Such a beautiful medium.  So here is the latest offering....
I am also LOVING the whole monoprint thing and am thinking about thickened dyes on fabric.  I'll give this a try before too long I suspect.  I gessoed this page, collaged with matte medium and then went over that with clear gesso so I could use the watercolours on top of that.  I didn't find they went down quite so easily as before, but I was trying out a different brush, that doesn't seem to carry quite so much paint.  For the little green bottle I just painted on tissue paper and collaged it down afterwards.  I'm pleased with that as a technique but I don't really like the way the bottle seems to stand out from the piece now.  I lilked the optical exchange between the bottle and the wine glasses that was happening before.
See what I mean?  Anyway, it's on there now!!! Something to think of for later though.  Here's a closeup of the bottle...
So that's it for today.  I have a few more ideas percolating but today I'm babysitting so THAT little mouse will be my focus for the day.  Followed by the resting part.  I'm really good at that part! Back soon!! 


  1. Yes, I agree with your evaluation about the green bottle. Perhaps it creates too much of a contrast and so distracts from the delicacy of your colors. I wonder, not that you can do much about it now, if the accented bottle was in a rose tone, subtle and delicate and more analogous to the reddish violets. The green is almost a complementary in addition to the strong value. Just wondering. I love the composition.

  2. Marny, I hadn't even noticed the optical interplay between the glasses and the bottles. How absolutely fabulous it is. You are indeed a marvel.