Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Saint Malo monoprint.

This is the monoprint of the earlier watercolour that I did.  I prepared the monoprint on ordinary copy paper and then applied it to the page with matte medium, being careful to not get any of the medium on the monoprint.  I painted it with watercolours, the same mixture as previously, cadmium yellow pale, french ultramarine and alizarin crimson.  This paper behaves differently than the watercolour paper (!!) but was nonetheless still cooperative!  I made a stamp of a lemon out of sponge and printed it down the left-hand page and then put another one of my stamps down as a sort of border.  It was too dark initially so I knocked it back somewhat since it was screaming for a lot of attention before.  I really really want to try this out on fabric so hope to get at that in the next while.  In my spare time.  Which I seem to have mislaid somewhere!  Back soon.


  1. What kind of watercolors do you prefer? I like the lemon stamp you made...very effective. cc

  2. I'm using Winsor and Newton watercolours at the moment. I can't say I'm proficient enough to tell the difference between brands, but I do use artist grade. Thanks, I'm happy with the stamp! The sponge gave it just the right texture, I think.